Junior News 2013-14

Warwickshire Megafinal Results

There were 190 children competing in the Warwickshire Megafinal this year over 9 sections. The winner of each section is given the title of Supremo (boys) or Suprema (girls). The top player from each section and all those scoring at least 4/6 or better qualify for the Gigafinal. Full results

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Warwickshire Megafinal

The Warwickshire Megafinal will be taking place on Sunday 11th May at Arden School in Solihull. An entrants list has been added to the website.

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EMC Junior Chess Academy Training Tournaments

The final four tournaments will be held on the following dates:

25 May - Risley
8 June - Risley
29 June - Bramcote
13 July - Risley

These junior events are 6 round swiss tournaments open to all children U13 & U130 grade. All the dates are on Sundays from 11am until 6pm. Chess training is provided in-between games and throughout the day. The entry fee is £20. An entry form is available to download.

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Junior Championship On-line entry form

The on-line entry form for the Junior Championship is now available. Enter on-line

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Junior Championship

This year the Junior Championship will be running along side the Warwickshire Congress. An entry form is available to download.

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Leicestershire Junior Chess Tournament

The Leicestershire Junior Chess Tournament will be held on Saturday 25th January at Loughborough Grammar School. It is a 6 round rapidplay event for players under 18. An entry form is available to download.

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East Midlands Chess Tournaments

A number of U18 tournaments are being held at Dovecote School in Nottingham. Each tournament consists of 6 rounds with players getting 30 minutes to play all their moves. The dates are as follows:

Saturday 7th December
Saturday 8th February

An entry form is available to download.

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